Dani Lirio

Certified Personal Trainer

At my poorest health, I was just shy of 200lbs in high school and had no idea what it meant to make “healthy choices” when it came to my well-being. Luckily I was able to avoid crash diets, and with some basic gym navigation from a gym teacher and a little nutritional research I was able to lose 60lbs and maintain for several years. While that is a major accomplishment, I knew that when I turned 25, I wanted to be more than the girl who lost 60lbs and kept it off. With Coach Brandon’s help, I became even more familiar with my abilities, even taking a stab at two fitness competitions. I learned so much about my capabilities that I knew I wanted to pass on my passion of being the best version of myself to those who thought that person was forever stuck on the sidelines.

After receiving my certifications in both Personal Training and Specialist in Fitness & Nutrition, I’m here to take YOU to the next level! There’s a high amount of courage in the decision to take every thing you thought you knew about “being healthy” and throwing it out the window to try something new! With a custom nutrition and training plan created specifically for with your goals and with your well-being in mind, I will provide you the tools you need to create and incorporate lifelong habits that will lead to the change you’ve always dreamed of and make it a reality! If you’re ready to take the next step, I’m ready to take it with you!

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