Battleground Fitness


The core values and ethos bred into every warrior throughout time has been the frame work to the story history tells about them. With obesity and weight related diseases on the rise, it seems our pursuit of the perfect physical form in both mind and body had become a thing of the past. We’ve become hypersensitive, over analytic, catabolic cubicle dwellers with nothing more to show for our hard work on keyboards than an office holiday party and a thank you cake. In today’s day and age, the idea of going to war with yourself by pushing your boundaries and proving not just others, but to yourself that you are stronger and better after the dust has settled is just not a priority, until we realize it’s too late. The majority of people around the world spend the better portion of their life wondering what if instead of when. When? Right F#%cking now…

Battleground Fitness is a collection of some of the most dedicated coaches and sound science in the field. Armed with a mindset designed to create sustainable and realistic transformations, both on and off the professional fitness stages, the ranks of our staff can help you meet any goal you’ve ever dreamed of… and even some you never thought possible. With military precision and a dedication to the service of our clients and athletes, our passion is and always will be those we serve. With most choosing it for the wrong reasons, we usually ask our prospective clients to consider one thing… do it for you. There is no worse critic in your life, no bigger enabler, not a single bigger bully you will ever interact with on a daily basis than your own minds eye. It’s time to grab that bully by the collarbone and tell them to shut up and lift. There’s always going to be tomorrow, right? Well the only problem is tomorrow never comes. It’s always right over the horizon waiting to peak over the mountains and flood the valleys with a dawn of a new day. Today is that day. Today, you silence the bully and run head first into the battle… because you already know you’re going to win…

"AT ALL COST" An episodic web series

My 2017 series covering my prep and show scheduling leading up to the Mr Natural Universe contest in Auckland New Zealand! New Episodes released every Monday.


Training plans suited to fit your specific goals and needs. No cookie cutter plans. EVER!